Business Card Templates: “The Wall”


Business Cards Templates: “The Wall”

Customise your new “The Wall” business card below and enjoy.

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Instructions – Using Our Business Card Templates.

Step 1.

In the grey box labeled “Step 1.” (top right of this screen) simply fill out all the details you wish to appear on your business card. Note: If there are fields you don’t want to appear on your business card simply leave them blank, e.g if you don’t want to show your website or optional information on your business card. Also when using the business cards templates feel free to use any information box for whatever you please, we have only labeled the information for a default setting so if you for example want to put your website address in as your business name this will work fine and the same goes for all the other information input boxes.

Step 2.

After you have entered all of the details into the business cards templates that you wish to appear on your business card ( and you have double checked all spelling, upper and lower cases and phone numbers thoroughly ) simply click the “Preview Card” button in the grey box labeled “Step 2.” (top right of this screen). In the business card preview window (top left of this screen) you will now see a preview of your business card. If you wish to change any of the details you have entered simply change them and click “Preview Card” once again.

Step 3.

When your sure all your spelling, upper and lower case and phone numbers, emails and websites are imputed into the business cards template correctly simply enter your name and email in the grey box labeled “Step 3.” and click “Send Card”, your customized business card template has now been sent to Cheap Printing Services Australia for processing and you will now be redirected to the shopping cart page where you can select the quantity of business cards you desire as well as the finish of the business card e.g Matte (silk) or Full Gloss.


Business Card Template Online Design

We make it as easy as 123, our online business card design system allows your to create an amazing looking business card and have it ordered in only five minutes. Our online business cards templates interface saves you the money of having to get a graphic designer to design your business card as well as saves all the time and energy it takes to get business card designed. Our custom business card templates don’t cost you any more then our other business cards which are already a lot cheaper then most of our competition so why wouldn’t you save the time and money and order it online?

Professional Graphic Design

If your wondering why our business card templates look so professional, almost as if they were designed by a master graphic designer well that’s because they are. Unlike a lot of our competition out there on the web our business card templates are not just random clip art backgrounds with an area for your information to be typed. Our business card templates are designed so that your business card will be as professional as it would be if you payed a graphic designer to design it for you, the only difference is that you don’t fork out money for a designer and you can make your own custom card in as little as five minutes from the comfort of your own home or office.


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