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1. Spell check and proof read your job 2. Document colour mode is set to CMYK including all images 3. Document is setup to the correct size 4. Crop marks and fold marks are included where necessary 5. All fonts are supplied or have been converted to curves / outlines 6. Bleed is set to at least 3mm around all edges 7. Your file is at least 300dpi

File Types

File Types we accept are .PDF .JPG .JPEG .PSD .AI .BMP .TIFF .TIF .EPS .TGA .INDD .PNG .ZIP .RAR .7Z Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Indesign although we still accept other formats as we will have them processed to maximize print quality. Resolution: All files should be minimum 300dpi


We prefer files to be CMYK although we can process RGB files for you to maximize print quality. (Please make sure that the text is converted to outlines/curves to avoid font problems). We do not accept file formats from programs like Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher, you will need to export them in any of the above formats. All major design packages are able to save files in at least one of these formats. Your Artwork Files You are responsible for the files that you send – Make sure that the artwork is set up with 3mm bleeds, is done in CMYK mode and has a resolution of 300 dpi, is outlined or flattened, and contains no spelling errors. The only thing we check is the correct size. We do our best to stick to our production schedule, but please understand that sometimes there can be delays due to equipment malfunction and other unforeseen circumstances.

Offset Printing

Offset printing is done by a 4 – Colour Process C(Cyan), B(Bue), M(Magenta), Y(Yellow). However computer monitor colour is displayed with 3 – Colours R(Red),G(Green), B(Blue). So please be aware that monitor colours and printing colours are different. Colour Printing There are many possible factors that can affect the colour on your printed materials. The weather outside can play a part in affecting how the ink dries on the paper, and can change the colour slightly. The ink density and constant on-press fluctuations in colour, printing press running temperature or blanket wear, may also affect color slightly. It is impossible to expect any professional printer to produce exactly the same printed blue on two separate days. However, we do have high quality controls to ensure as little variation( +, – 5% standard deviation ) as possible, especially within a single product order.


All artwork needs to include bleed. As your products are run on a larger sheet and then trimmed down we require any backgrounds to “bleed” off the edge of the trim. This is to avoid seeing the artwork of the product next to you on the run or white space showing down the edge of your card. CPS Standard Print Dimensions *Business Cards 90mm x 54mm * A5 145mm x 210mm * A4 210mm x 297mm * A3 297mm x 420mm

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